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Looking For A Change? Tips To Help Your Job Search

Looking For A Change? Tips To Help Your Job Search

You have decided you want to look for a new role. What factors should you consider before looking?


Its vital to take into account the below while you are searching for a new role:

  • Your skills – Its important to be in a role that utilises your key strengths and abilities. A new role should also provide you with an opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge.
  • Challenges – A position that challenges your skills is important for stimulation and motivation. When searching for a job, is it likely the role will be challenging enough while making use of your skills and knowledge?
  • Salary – its important to be realistic on salary and ensure you have done good market research on this. Know what it is you are looking for and this can include benefits also.
  • Culture – Fitting into a company is just as important as the work itself. Once again, this comes down to work satisfaction which will lead to long-term career success. A little bit of research can go a long way in helping you find a suitable position and social media can be a great place to gain info on companies.
  • Career Progression – A key indicator of job satisfaction is the opportunity for growth. Ensure the job has clear prospects for career development. You can do this by asking if the employer provides a professional training and development program and scope for upward mobility


Your CV needs to highlight your critical skills and experience to date. It needs to stand out and grab the attention of the person who is reviewing it. Whether this is a recruiter or hiring manager you need to provide them with sufficient information to generate an interview for that desirable opportunity.


LinkedIn can play a significant part in securing your next role whether it is recruiters or potential future employers who are reviewing your CV, you can be sure that they will check out your LinkedIn profile. Details such as a professional photograph, complete profile and a strong professional headline are just some items which should be complete.


It is one of the questions that a lot of candidates will ask of a recruiter – how is the market? For candidates it is important for them to understand the market also. From a candidate perspective you will need to understand what’s happening in your industry and what opportunities exist in line with your skillset. Keeping up to date on news items in your field of work and what new developments are occurring will give you an idea of what areas are hiring and where you could fit in.


The traditional jobs boards are still good sources of roles along with social media with LinkedIn proving very popular. Facebook and Twitter can also be great resources when looking for jobs and networking. Leading companies want to hire and retain the best staff at any given time and most do so by engaging with a leading recruitment firm as they will trust them in the recruitment process of suitable candidates. If you are a candidate, it is important to work with a good recruitment consultant who understands their market, can give you an insight into the business, the culture and the environment which you might not understand from reading a job description.

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